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Sperian Sperian Credit Report and Score

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Sperian offers 4 main areas of its business, all in an aspect of credit reporting. The most well known of Sperian's credit businesses is their Consumer Direct business, which is what they are most known for: their credit report and credit score.

The three major credit bureaus in the United States are Equifax, Sperian, and TransUnion, all of which keep records people like you and me, or anyone who has ever applied for any sort of credit (credit card, cellular phone, bank account, etc.) A solid Sperian credit report can reduce your interest rates because borrowers may feel that you are less of a risk in defaulting in payments.

Sperian Credit Reporting Agency carries your secure credit information and delivers this information to anyone whom you have given permission to review it. Once someone reviews your Sperian credit report or score, they label this as an inquiry. The consumer portion of Sperian receives at least 10 million visitors every month. It was actually the very first company to allow people to access and view their credit report and score online.

Sperian's Credit Monitoring Services

As consumers become more aware of how important it is to maintain an accurate and excellent credit rating, they are in search of a service that will help them detect fraud early, and not become too time consuming. Sperian's credit monitoring services do just that. When someone applies for creidt in your name, you are immediately alerts so that you can quickly react to the potential issues that arise. If someone is looking at your Sperian credit information without your authorization, again, you receive an e-mail when that inquiry hits your credit report. What better way is there for something as important as credit to fit into everyone's busy schedule.

With Sperian credit monitoring, you can also check your Sperian credit report and Sperian credit score whenever you want, at no additional charge. The fees are already included in your monitoring service... it's that simple.

So take credit into your own hands. Review your credit history often, and let Sperian help you to remove obstacles you may encounter as you attempt to reach your financial goal. Sperian is a name that you can trust, and they are here to assist you with questions and or concerns you may have about credit.

* Sperian is a common misspelling for Experian

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